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Curly Hair Cuties Rejoice!

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links of which the author may earn a commission. Think of this like a tip for bringing you awesome discoveries. Rest assured, I only share discoveries that I truly believe will benefit others.

Hello Beautiful People,

This post is for my curly hair cuties. We are living in the age of appreciating the curl and I’m just so glad to see curls all over my feed and in the media.

Unfortunately, I didn’t always love my curls. When I was younger, I used to visit Harlem with my mom on Saturday mornings and I would spend hours in the salon waiting to blow the kink out of my hair. I’d munch on McDonald’s chicken strips (that were conveniently located across the street) and watch all the ladies gossiping in Spanish (which I didn’t understand in the slightest) as they transformed into these beautiful, silky-haired goddesses. Let me be clear here, this wasn’t a beauty standard that mom was enforcing on me, this was all me. I wanted manageable hair that I didn’t have to spend hours detangling like that one Christmas Eve that we showed up late to Titi’s house because it took 3 hours for mom to help me untangle my curls!

As I got older though, time became more precious and I became more lazy and I lost interest in spending so much time in the salon. I started experimenting with ways to make my curls more manageable. I’ve had so many routines over the years with so many products. I’ve also wasted so much money on products that I thought would help and then subsequently proceeded to throw away because it wasn’t the miracle cure I was looking for to keep my curls looking healthy.

Finally, after 28 years on this earth, I’ve discovered my go-to products that have been in rotation for about 2.5 years now and my curls are just getting better and better. The search is over my curly haired cuties!

My Go-To Products

Shea Moisture

I honestly don’t remember who put me onto Shea Moisture but I’m so grateful they did. This company was the first to really help me towards a healthy crown. Shea is a bit difficult for me because they have so many different product lines that enhance a certain aspect of your curl so it’s difficult to choose which one to go for. My go-to product that is still a part of my curly routine is the hair masque.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque, 12 Ounce

As I mentioned, Shea has many different product lines and honestly, I can use the hair masque treatment from any of their lines and be happy about how healthy my hair looks. However, the Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque is the treatment that I believe had my hair looking healthy enough to receive a compliment from my Devachan stylist on how well I was maintaining my curls.


In 2015, I decided to take the plunge and get my first curl cut at a Devachan salon. This experience was life changing! Prior to my cut, I had to pin my curls to get them to frame my face properly and even then, as great as my curls looked, they just weren’t on the level that they could be. After my cut, I just loved the shine and health that oozed with every swish of my hair so I bought the cleanser, conditioner, supercream, and microfiber towel and I have never looked back. My devacurl products have not been exchanged or switched out since.

Devacurl Original Kit with No-Poo and One Condition, 32 fl. oz.

I love buying these 32 oz. containers for the DevaCurl Original Kit with No-Poo and One Condition because they last for over six months, they smell delicious, and your hair feels silky and fresh afterwards.

Deva Curl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler Cream, 5.1 Ounce

Supercream. There is just something about the DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler Cream that I cannot get enough of! It is so lightweight and powerful and I make sure I have some with me whenever I wash my curls or need a refresher but don’t have time for a full wash.

DevaCurl Deva-Towel Gray Microfiber, 1 Count

After I add my Bounce Curl gel to my hair (which I’ll discuss in a moment), I use my DevaCurl Deva-Towel Gray Microfiber to soak up the excess product and dry off my hair a bit. This towel is so soft on your curls, you’ll never go back to using anything else to dry off your hair.

Bounce Curl

I don’t even remember how long I’ve been using Bounce Curl but most of my curly friends have this miracle gel in their curl routine. Bounce Curl swept through Instagram like wildfire and boy is my hair glad that they did!

When I travel, I always have my DevaCurl products and my Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel to keep my curls looking fabulous.

In conjunction with the gel, I also use the Bounce Curl Hair Vitamins. My hair is extremely thin and unfortunately just doesn’t have a ton of volume. However, since I started using the vitamins in September of 2016, my hair has looked so much better. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever have a mane of hair like some of my other Latina sisters, but I have become less self-conscious since using these vitamins. *Side note: I’ve tried Biotin and so many others but they just never did the trick for me.*

I recommend following the Bounce Curl account on IG because it constantly showcases sales or combo sales with the gel and hair vitamins.

Specialty Products

Rose Water

One day, as I was falling down the rabbit hole that is Amazon, I came across this product that I just can’t stop buying.

ORGANIC ROSE WATER SPRAY - 100% Pure & Natural Facial Toner with Uplifting Floral Scent - SEE RESULTS OR. Just a few sprays & your face feels amazingly fresh with tender smell of roses!

The image is slightly misleading because they’re only shipping you one bottle, but the product is great. Rose water has such a distinct odor and I find the spray to be so refreshing. When my curls are starting to look a bit ragged but I don’t have the time to wash and air dry, I sprtiz some rose water and then use the DevaCurl Supercream, Bounce Curl’s light creme gel, and a little Ovella Glo Hair Serum to add a little shine and I’m good to go! Some reviewers have even mentioned they’ll spritz their face for a little refresher. I must admit, it does help wake you up!

Ovella Glo Hair Serum

This is another product that I came across on Instagram. In fact, it came to my attention because many curly cuties that were using Bounce Curl were also using Ovella Glo Hair Serum too. I decided to check it out and I wasn’t disappointed.

Ovella Glo Hair Serum

As I mentioned before, my hair is really thin. So, unfortunately if I use this on a regular basis, my hair just gets stringy and looks oily instead of healthy. However, using it occasionally when I just need a bit of a refresher really does the trick.

Protecting Your Hair at Night

When it comes to hair of the curly variety, how you protect your hair at night is almost as important as the products you use to enhance your curl. I have two protectors (one for my place and the other for my boyfriend’s) and they do wonders to keep my curls looking great in between washes.

Corciova Women’s Large Silk Scarf

A couple of months ago, I misplaced the scarf that I’ve had since high school. So, I went searching on Amazon Prime (one of my favorite websites EVER) and I found this colorful, silky scarf. It is massive and smooth and perfect to wrap my hair in at night .

Screenshot 2017-07-02 at 12.13.19 PM

I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on Corciova Women’s Large Silk Scarf. It was bigger than I expected and I can use it for regular hair dos on top of my nightly ritual.

Grace Eleyae Slap Cap

Lastly, we have the slap cap. I came across this recently on Facebook. Grace Eleyae has created multiple, silk-lined hair holders such as the slap cap, the scrunchie, and the baseball cap. I personally enjoy my curls roaming free during the day, so I’ve only invested in the slap cap to wear at night.

Screenshot 2017-07-02 at 12.29.50 PM

The silk on the Grace Eleyae Slap Cap keeps my curls soft, prevents split ends, and easily stays on my head with its elastic band. Plus, with all the different color options to choose from, you can keep your hair protected on the go. I haven’t tried this out yet but when the fall is here, I might just switch up!

Well, there you have it my curly beauties. Different products work differently for different hair textures but these really seem to be universally accepted in the curl community. I hope this post helps you on your curl journey.


Ms. Curvy ❤

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