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Cierra Las Piernas: Vagina & Shame | 7 OF 52

Ysanet Batista

Cierra las piernas // Close your legs

No dejes su toalla sanitaria en el zafacón con sangre // Don’t leave your pad in the garbage can visible with blood

No andes con pantalones cortos en la casa cuando haiga hombres aquí // Don’t wear shorts in the house when men are here

No dejes tus panties tirados // Don’t leave your panties around

Lavate con jabón de cuaba o Lemisol  // Wash yourself with Cuaba Soap or Lemisol

These were just of the few messages I grew up hearing about my vagina. Mucho control desde temprana edad over an area of body I still had to learn, that I had yet to even look at it in its entirety. A body part that at 26 years of age I am now getting to know. Spending the last 26 years controlando para la comodidad, protección y placer del otro, particularmente de…

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